Presenting the newest member of the Suzuki SV family, the SV650X. With its smooth revving V-Twin engine tucked into a slim and lightweight trellis frame, the SV650X combines power and agility with classic Cafe racer looks. It comes with the latest Suzuki innovations and will set the bar even higher for fun and performance.The V-Twin engine is a marvel of engineering with superb versatility. While at lower RPM, this engine delivers powerful torque that's easy to handle and a deep robust sound. Open the throttle to mid-range, and the power of the engine's response is linear and smooth, yet always under your control. Then at higher RPM, the V-Twin has performance ready to go.The SV650X is equipped with clip on handlebars compared to the standard straight bars on the standard SV650. These clip on bars encourage a sporty riding position, and hark back to the days of the original Cafe racers. It also has some of the most advanced rider technology available, including Low RPM Assist and Suzuki Easy Start System.