ECO 12.5

The OSET ECO 12.5 It is the perfect beginner motorcycle for children who have never ridden before, and can grow with the child as they venture into more challenging riding terrain. The 'Eco' version is sister to the 12.5 Racing model. It is simple, sturdy, adjustable and easy to manage for riders from 3-5 years old. The Eco utilises a component set suited to new riders and is offered at a lower price than the Racing version. This starter dirt bike has been created to get children off to the best possible start through developing their bike skills and confidence.The 12.5 Eco features a full coverage chain guard, padded chin guard and custom foot pegs for little feet and first-rate reliability. Cost of ownership is very low, and re-sale value very high and being electric there are no hot parts and it is virtually silent meaning it can be used everyday!