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Motorcycle training

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Training, CBT and the Motorcycle Test

It's easy to get on a motorcycle and start enjoying the freedom of the road, beating congestion and saving money at the same time! There's just a few things that you need to know, so if you're looking for advice on CBT or motorcycle training in and around the Leeds, Bradford and Keighley areas, look no further. We've loads of experience with advising people on how to get on to a scooter or motorcycle for the very first time, as well as with sourcing excellent advanced riding training in the area.

Changes to the Motorcycle licence in January 2013

The motorcycle licensing system changed in January 2013. The handy infographic below shows the route that you will now have to proceed depending on your age, experience and the type of motorcycle or scooter you wish to ride. More information can be found on the DVLA website here.

We make it easy to get on two wheels

As an approved 'Get On' dealer we're here to help you make the right decisions about getting started on a bike. We have great working relationships with a number of local training schools who offer excellent facilities and can workaround your requirements.

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