401 Vitpilen

The VITPILEN 401 brings a fresh and simple new approach to the world of motorcycling. Designed to disprove stereotypes - making urban motorcycling more accessible and inviting than ever before. With the VITPILEN 401, we stripped away all of the unnecessary. What was left is something subtle, style-focused and that allows the rider to experience the simple thrill of the ride.

(2020) 401 Vitpilen - from £4,799

The new 2020 VITPILEN 401 is an unassuming hero of the sub-500 cc world. Its surefootedness, light weight and immersive riding position guarantee helmet-hidden smiles. You don't ride it as much as guide it with feather-light inputs. It reacts to the smallest response, moves at the lightest touch and feeds back every road texture through low-slung bars. It's an all-encompassing and sensory ride which resonates with new and experienced riders alike.

Exclusive to Colin Appleyard - Vitpilen 401 Draken Special Edition

Exclusive to Colin Appleyard, the 2019 Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Draken Special Edition comes with an Akrapovic exhaust and is available for only £4,299 - saving £1,725 on the RRP!

Limited numbers are available, so get in touch to book your test ride.

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*Price includes £1,600 Colin Appleyard discount