Trike Conversions

Trike conversions

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EML Trike Conversion

The Martinique GT has undergone a major upgrade. Better handling and comfort thanks to the new EML X-Line independent wheel suspension. The quality remains unrivalled and the design is extremely versatile; exclusive, sporty, aggressive and stylish.

EML has developed the X-line Suspension especially for the Goldwing 1800 trike conversion. The GT now has the name Martinique XGT. The manageability and comfort of the Martinique XGT is therefore sublime. Cruising on the highways or taking a sporty approach gives you an indescribable feeling. The X-shaped independent wheel suspension (X-Line) together with the stabilizer system ensures unprecedented performance. The New Generation EML gas shock absorbers ensure the correct alignment of the whole setup. A very high comfort level and yet a super stability when taking turns. The X-Line minimizes leaning. As with its predecessor, the rear suspension of the XGT can also be adjusted with the original Honda pre load system. The ExtensoDive fork is included as standard. It is also equipped with the New Generation EML gas shock absorbers and thus also offers more comfort and better handling qualities.

The exterior has also been firmly taken care of. The XGT has a sporty but also a very stylish, robust and exclusive look. The Footwings now have a platform on which you can stand when getting on and off. There is more room for the driver's feet.

  • Carpeted luggage room
  • Parking brake Stainless steel brake hoses
  • Alloy rear wheels
  • Rear disc brake
  • ExtensoDive front fork with 14” EML wheel
  • Steering damper
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